Woods & Forest Schools

We are incredibly privileged to own over 260 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, including lakes, fields and a rich variety of trees, flora and fauna.

It is not just the teachers that are able to enjoy our Woods. We ALL make full use of this very special resource in many different ways, one of which is Forest Schools. Forest Schools at Great Walstead is a unique experience for all our pupils and is a natural extension to our very own 'outdoor classroom', which we utilise as much as possible. Whether it is for Teddy Bears Picnics, Eco-Schools, Woods Walks, Nature Trails or our very own Great Walstead Half-Marathon. our Woods are the soul of our school.

The Nursery, Pre-Prep and Junior departments use the woods for walks on a weekly basis. This allows the children vital space for free play in a secure but open setting, which we believe is crucial for their emotional and social development.

The Middle and Senior departments enjoy the woods for cross country, as well as occasional orienteering sessions and for the vital task of collecting wood for bonfire night!

All the school use the woodlands to support their exploration of nature - mini-beast hunts a speciality.

The Nursery enjoy a special picnic, whilst the Pre-Prep bring well-loved cuddly toys to enjoy a "Teddy Bears Picnic".

Woods & Forest Schools