Farm Update #11

The new arrival was 2o litres of tiger worms for our new worm composter. The CDT carousel groups put together their new home from 100% recycled materials. We will be collecting our worm fertiliser and feeding them on food scraps every week (naming competition may take some time).

After my plea for pallets in the last update we have had an amazing response and can start on a few more building projects, these should start to see a positive effect on the entire school with lots of composters popping up in and around the farm. Hopefully we can start making use of the abundance of leaves and waste produced by the school. Next term there will be a delivery of compostable waste bins for shared staff and student areas. These pallets will also be used for sectioning off certain areas and other exciting projects on the farm, but they will get used up fast, so if you have any I am still interested.

Other news….

  • We have had confirmation of our place in the education tent for the South of England Show 
  • Sussex Hedge Laying Society have been to visit and a day of hedge laying has been pencilled in for the new year 
  • I will be visiting the new Chailey Heritage hospital farm next week to discuss building links between our two projects
  • Year 7 have had their first science class visits to the farm to discuss the life cycle of our birds and have started planning the hatching program for next term

I also wanted to mention that we are aware of the DEFRA warning about bird flu and are taking precautions, nothing to worry about but I’ll keep everyone updated. 

We are starting to have more visiting classes utilising the farm to enrich their current projects and it is having a great response from teachers and students, so if you have any ideas or thoughts on how the farm can be used alongside your lessons, please let me know and I will try my best to prepare any material etc. 

Kale will be available from the farm table next week so keep your eyes peeled! And there are still free range organic eggs most days, they go fast so grab them if you see them (1.50 per half dozen). 

LOGS will be available from the farm end of next week £5 a bag (larger loads available on request and can be delivered locally)  

As ever I’m always looking for volunteers, if you would like to help out in any way just email me 

We have got Christmas holidays all covered now thanks to my amazing chicken team, so everyone will be well looked after over the holidays! 

Merry Christmas from everyone at the farm, except Henry (the pig), he’s a bit of a bah humbug!