Farm Update #6

Many thanks to all who got involved. You’ll be pleased to hear that most of the trees have arrived and are ready for planting day, which will be announced soon. (Where we have had very little rain the ground is still a little dry for planting just yet.) We also managed to raise over £300 to help the Haiti initiative, a really amazing effort. The Hurricane Day orchard is already starting to look rather impressive, so make sure you pop down and take a look as it progresses.
As you are probably aware the site of the mini-farm was originally a thriving and very productive Kitchen Garden. We have spent quite a long time over the holidays clearing the walls of the overhanging ivy and preparing them for repair and for the planting of espaliered fruit trees and cut flowers. In the north east corner of the site once stood a rather impressive Victorian heated glasshouse. We have started to clear this area and have found some amazing remains. This has also sparked much interest from local historical and horticultural societies, so watch this space! I was told that prior to World War I a kitchen garden of that size would have upwards of 40 full time gardeners!!
Thanks for your continued support.

I have got a couple more links that I highly recommend. - Richard Dunne is amazing! I think he may be my new hero! A forward thinking Headmaster integrating nature into everyday teaching - very inspiring! - ‘Before The Flood’ is a National Geographic documentary that is free to watch on YouTube. I think everyone should see this. It’s my suggestion for a rainy playtime movie.   

Kelvin Dutton