Farm Update #7

It is starting to get dark early enough that we had our first ‘Student Chicken team’ with Wednesday afternoon activities’ Farm Club: they did a pretty good job! All of the visiting groups this week have worked super hard.
We’ve been learning a little about ‘Inputs’ and ‘Outputs’, a key fundamental of permaculture design, and we have started talking about growing soil. This week also saw the start of a really big task,  ‘sheet mulching’ the centre vegetable patch, giving it a few months to rot down ready for spring. This is great for the soil and for making use of a few things that the School produces in abundance, such as cardboard, shredded paper and leaves. It is also way more exciting than it sounds!!!  Sheet mulching and preparing for spring will make up a lot of the work on the farm for the next few months.

This week also saw a few more arrivals on the Farm in the form of trees for the orchard. Planting day for the families who donated will be on Saturday 19th November with on hand expert advice from Mark at Sussex Fruit Trees. I’ll be planting the remaining trees in the following week so make sure you pop down and see all of the wonderful specimens before they go into full winter mode.
There will be a few more exciting arrivals on the Farm early next week so that’s another reason to bring classes down or pop in for a break. Despite all that industry, it really is a very tranquil place.
I’ve had some really great responses to my last requests so I’ll make this a regular thing!
If you have any of this stuff lying around then we can make real use of it!

  • Cardboard and shredded paper (if you can remove staples and tape that would be magic)
  • Old gardening tools
  • A large exercise ball
  • Large tarpaulin sheets
  • Any veg/fruit plants or cuttings (we’ve adopted a few lemon trees that will live in the poly tunnel).

And finally…
Fridays will be volunteer day on the Farm, so if you fancy helping out and getting involved email me. All you need is positivity, enthusiasm and wellies.
Farm Manager
PS:  Free range organic eggs are available on the farm table every day with a donation.  In addition, I’ve got literally tons of cooking apples; bring a bag to the farm and take them away – PLEASE.