Farm Update #8, 9 and 10

This week has seen the arrival of our new Quails. The birds have been a big hit with all of the visitors. We have 10 Quails - some Japanese and some Tuxedo, nine hens and a single cock, from which we hope to breed in the spring.

Reception classes have been doing an amazing job of washing the eggs! So make sure you grab yourself some from the Farm Table. Donations in the pink flower pot. I think £1.50 is a good price for half a dozen. (Our girls work hard popping them out every day.) 

Saturday Planting Day 

An important part of the Farm was always going to be its orchard and on the 16th October we launched our Hurricane Day orchard appeal, marking the night nearly 30 years ago when the UK suffered its worst storm in modern history. This year the date was sadly overshadowed by the recent events in Haiti.  We asked parents to sponsor the trees of the orchard with £10 of every donation going to support for the relief effort in Haiti. We received over 30 trees from parents – thank you. Our orchard will now include many different local varieties of apple and pear as well as several types of cherry, medlar and plum.  

On Saturday we welcomed 22 parents and children to the Farm during an open planting afternoon to plant the tree they had so kindly sponsored. In an afternoon we managed to plant our entire orchard. Children picked their own tree and had their name put on it. They will come back every year and have a photo with their tree, watching it grow as they grow and hopefully getting some of its crop along the way. It was a really lovely afternoon and I don’t think anyone was put off by several huge downpours! 


I am always looking for people to join the team, especially over weekends and the festive period (20th - 29th December). Just let me know. Finally, things we need on the farm:

  • Plants you think may die over winter which we might be able to save in the polytunnel
  • Tools (gardening)
  • Tarps (bigger the better)
  • Pallets
  • An incubator
  • Fish 

Kelvin Dutton (