Bravery in the face of certain defeat

Below are the words from a lovely email recently sent in by a parent of a Great Walstead Year 5 child, proud that their son still gave it a go despite certain defeat. It just shows that defeat - and how one 'frames' the defeat - is just as important as winning!

Dear Jacqui,

I thought I'd share the anecdote below as a 'Feel good Friday' and noteworthy example of the Great Walstead spirit in action.

Charlie, along with many others recently entered himself into the School Tennis Tournament.

For his first match Charlie was drawn against the Year 8 tennis captain, a towering figure of sporting acumen.  On discovering the draw, some of Charlie's peers suggested he [Charlie] should forfeit the match foreseeing the outcome as a foregone conclusion.  Nonetheless, Charlie dismissed their advice and said he was going to give it a go anyway, presenting himself on court last Friday break as arranged with his opponent.  No Hollywood ending here, despite all his chasing and racket swinging he lost the game without winning a point.

Whilst standing in the ice-cream queue on the Head's lawn later that day, he said that he'd had fun and was glad he took part, taking much pleasure in recounting the rally of 'the point that he almost won but which, alas, got away'.

Obviously, biased with parental pride, but just thought this was a nice example of how the children get the opportunity at Great Walstead to put themselves forward, organise themselves and experience the fun and benefit from taking a risk by giving something new and challenging a go.  Failing that, maybe it gives an insight in to why people take up and enjoy fishing!

Kind regards,
Adam & Penny"