Learning Ethos

Our learning powers...

At Great Walstead we place great value on developing children's attitudes to learning. We aim to foster a genuine love of learning and also of enquiry. We want our children to have a thirst for discovery as well as a sense of fun and creativity. Teaching children to solve problems is so important in our ever changing world that our girls and boys are growing up in. Inspired by the book 'Educating Ruby' by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas, we have identified attributes which we promote and develop across all areas of life at Great Walstead. These are referred to as our Learning Powers in the Nursery and Pre-Prep and develop into our 7C's in Prep.

Learning Lion

Our learning lion believes he can! He has a go, learns from mistakes and has a love of learning.

Curious Cat

The curious cat loves to ask questions - why, when, where, what and how? They make links in their learning and looks for patterns and connections.

Respectful Rhino

The rhino is respectful for everyone around them, listening carefully to others, taking turns, working together, helping others and being kind even after a disagreement.

Creative Chameleon

A creative chameleon loves to show and explore all their colours, trying new things, using their imagination and developing skills in new ways.

Persevering Panda

'Don't give up' says Persevering Panda, ask for help when needed but have the confidence to try ourselves, concentrate and work hard.

Be Better Bee

Always striving to be our best bee, listening to feedback, keep practising and being proud of their achievements.

Learning Ethos